Jaguar XK120, Peter Simms
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Peter Simms, Jaguar xk120 enthusiast

For the past 45 years I have enjoyed owning, driving and restoring Jaguar cars, mainly XK 120'"s. Circumstances relating to my health now restrict my focus to one specific car, an XK 120 fixed head coupe with a C-Type engine. I have owned this one since the early sixties. Several years ago I restored a 120 right-hand drive roadster. I won several events with this car. I did at one time also own Mark 5 and Mark 7's.

Throughout the sixties and seventies I imported my car parts directly from England. Since shipping was a major component of the overall cost I ordered parts in excess of my needs. I now find myself in the situation of having a wonderful collection of parts I may never use. Many of these are used or rebuilt many are brand new.

As previously mentioned I am limiting my restoration interest to the one Jaguar I still own and am starting a new hobby of selling my collection of parts to other interested parties. As a previous customer of several parts suppliers I am pleased to find out that many of you are still in business.

In starting up this new approach I began with a rough inventory of what I have for sale. It is in need of refinement and is a work in progress. Many of the smaller parts such as cigarette lighters, door and window fittings, knobs, escutcheons etc. are not yet listed. This could take weeks, if not months.

Interest is already being generated here in Canada through a friend who has contact with Jaguar enthusiasts in the States. I would like some feedback from your company as to whether there is a similar level of interest on your part. I am curious as to what I might have that is marketable. I would appreciate any help or guidance you can provide me with in finding Jaguar enthusiasts in need of these parts. I would be keen to converse with other Jaguar enthusiasts - wherever you are!

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